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Terms Of Trade & Purchase Order Form

Holzbau Industries manufactures nosings from most quality hybrid, laminate, LVT and engineered floor planks sold in Australia.

Pricing of each product is subject to the source material from which the nosing is being manufactured, including but not limited to specific elements of the boards such as thickness, composition, and length.

‘Nosing’ prices refer to one full board length as per the original manufacture of the source board.

While pricing is fixed, variations may occur for specific products and requirements.

Work will not commence on any job without receipt of a purchase order or a written request for the work to be carried out from the customer.

This requirement helps to ensure accurate processing of jobs from the point of delivery of the source product, through the manufacturing process to the point of dispatch.
Failure to provide any necessary information may cause delays.

In the event the customer provides a purchase order with inaccurate or out-of-date pricing, the work will still be processed without further communication from Holzbau Industries and will default to the current pricing.

If the customer is unsure of pricing or needs assistance with complex pricing on a specific job it is suggested that the customer contacts us via email at sales@holzbauindustries.com.au and we will assist with any queries as soon as is practically possible. Order confirmations can be issued at the customer’s request.

Payment terms are on a customer-by-customer basis and may be subject to credit checks. If there is no prior credit arrangement in place with Holzbau Industries, payment terms should automatically be regarded as COD.

Payments are to be made by direct debit (bank details are shown on all invoices). Please ensure all bank transfers reference either a QU or INV number as per an order confirmation or invoice issued by Holzbau Industries.

Eftpos facilities are available during office hours only.

International payments are to be paid in full in AUD and may be subject to additional charges.

Our factory accepts deliveries Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm and Friday from 8am to 3pm.

All orders should be considered as COD unless an agreement has been made with Holzbau Industries.

In the event of any outstanding invoices, Holzbau Industries will not release new orders until the account is brought up to date.

Any customers that have been offered extended payment terms who systematically default on due invoice dates will revert to COD terms without notice.

All orders placed with Holzbau Industries are accepted as EXW terms only. Whilst Holzbau does not organise freight for any orders, we are more than happy to print labels and freight documentation as necessary.

We do ask that Holzbau Industries is excluded from all correspondence including tracking emails between yourself and logistics companies as this simply causes unnecessary congestion in our mailboxes.

Please email us directly, with all freight documentation required for printing attached as PDF’s only at sales@holzbauindustries.com.au .

By placing an order, it has been accepted by the customer that all finished products will be packed to the best of our ability and to a high standard. No responsibility will be taken by Holzbau Industries for damage that occurs during transit. In the event that any finished goods are found damaged on un-packing, claims should be directed to the carrier.

Whilst we do not generally charge for packaging materials, in some instances where it is deemed suitable for a particular order, a more protective packaging solution may be adopted specifically for that job. In this instance an additional charge may be applied to the invoice calculated on what is considered a fair estimate of the cost of additional resources required only.

Do not cut boards down in length prior to delivery. Removing the lock of the source product can impact our ability to feed the boards through our machinery accurately and may result in inconsistencies across a single order.

If boards are cut prior to delivery, the customer will be charged at the most relative price point plus an additional fee for any additional processing time required.

No responsibility will be taken for the accuracy of the machine processing of these jobs.

It is recommended that finished nosings be cut on-site during the installation phase to achieve the most accurate and satisfactory outcome.

Whilst we invest heavily in custom manufactured blades and tooling of the highest quality, once a board is cut, the original product and in some case the décor finish has been compromised.

Whilst every care is taken both in our selection of tooling and workmanship, no guarantee is given against any damage arising during manufacturing or during and post installation, as each product will be exposed to and may respond to differing environmental factors.

In addition, some products once cut and mitred can become sharp creating a risk of injury. It is at the customers discretion whether their supplied product is suitable both for processing and for the environment it is to be installed in, and/or if further treatment is required at the time of installation.

For engineered and laminate products, consideration should be given to the inclusion of the Arrowhead™ profile for added resilience and corner protection.

Hybrid and LVT
For the cleaning of hybrid and LVT nosings, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines of the original source product. Avoid excessive moisture where possible and in particular around joins.

Engineered and laminate
For cleaning engineered and laminate nosings, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines of the original source product. Avoid excessive moisture where possible and in particular around joins and along mitred edges.

Any mitred edges may from time-to-time and subject to the original source product and wear and tear, need maintenance with specialist woodcare colour matched wax, marker pen or similar.

Arrowhead™ extrusions
For any products that include an Arrowhead™ profile, only cleaning products that are both suitable for use on the floor of choice and on anodised products should be used.
It is important to prevent the attack of anodic oxidation coatings by corrosive agents such as contaminated moisture, condensates, cement and plaster splashes. It is

suggested that during handling and installation of any product featuring the Arrowhead™ profile, it is suggested to adopt some temporary protection during transportation and installation. The risk for damage to occur to anodised finishes tends to increase on building sites where materials that are highly alkaline or highly acidic may come into contact with either bare or anodised aluminium.

In order to prevent the risk of chemical attack which can lead to staining and discoloration, such substances should be prevented from contact with aluminium and where possible the installation of any such products that might be affected should occur as late in the building project as possible in order to avoid or minimise any such damage.

After installation, it is advisable to provide regular care in maintaining the decorative appearance of your anodised finish. Build-up of soils and other grime can hold moisture to the coated surface, and this can be detrimental to anodised finishes. This build up can facilitate a corrosive condition which may lead to damage of the coating, particularly in a coastal or salt air environments.

Any anodic coatings should be cleaned and maintained in accordance with their relative standards; AS1231-2000.

Note: please be mindful of any cleaning products that may affect the slip rating of the nosing.

We do not accept responsibility for the installation of faulty products whether it be due to the manufacturing process of the nosings or the source product provided.

Whilst all due care is taken during the manufacturing of the product, given the variable elements involved during the process, imperfections are not completely avoidable. Further to this, latent defects in the source material may become apparent both during and post the installation process.

Source products will vary in quality and suitability from product to product/batch to batch. Whilst every care is taken during manufacturing to assess the quality of all source components, it is ultimately at the discretion of the customer to ascertain whether their product is suitable and safe for the manufacture of nosings and if the finished product is of acceptable quality for installation.

For all individual source components supplied to us for manufacture, any defects or variations, including variations in texture, colour, veining and pattern, or the general quality, remain the responsibility and at the discretion of the customer.

Holzbau Industries is a manufacturer only and all responsibility and liability for the suitability and safety of the product should be assessed by the customer on a job-by- job basis and lies fully as the responsibility of the supplier of the source product (the customer) to Holzbau Industries.

Whilst we have many quality control processes in place, from time to time and for various reasons, some nosings may not be of our usual standard. In this event any claims on faulty workmanship should include the invoice number, photos that clearly

and adequately show the area of concern along with a detailed description, and be sent via email to office@holzbauindustries.com.au.
Claims against any anodising defect are limited by that of our anodising supplier’s warranty (AAF).

If it is deemed that there is a fault that is the responsibility of Holzbau Industries, the re-manufacturing only will be accepted by us and does not cover any other costs including but not limited to; replacement of the source product, installation, any damage that may arise during the removal or replacement of a faulty nosings. Claims will not be reviewed against jobs with outstanding invoices.

We recommend that all products are checked by the customer prior to manufacture to ensure they meet the appropriate rating as specified in the Australian Building code specific to the intended application.

Source product and delivery are the responsibility of the customer, finished products are supplied EXW.

No jobs will be processed without written instruction, a purchase order or acceptance of a Holzbau Industries issued order confirmation/quote.

To ensure efficient and accurate management of orders, please provide the following information to sales@holzbauindustries.com.au:

  • Product type
  • Product name & colour or code
  • Length and thickness of product
  • Quantity being delivered
  • Number of nosings required for manufacture
  • Any special instructions
  • Invoice details (who to send invoice to)
  • Product collection details – this can determine how we package nosings and ensures the finished product is released to the appropriate party
  • Your job reference

PLEASE NOTE: inadequate information may cause delays in orders being processed.

Whilst we make every effort to have your order complete and ready for collection both in a timely manner and where possible by your required date, Holzbau Industries does not guarantee any completion dates whether written or implied.

We strongly advise against organising transport until such time that confirmation is received advising that the job is complete and ready for collection. This will be expressed to the customer’s main contact as per our client files, by email on issuance of the invoice.

Orders with multiple date requirements for the same job must be submitted as separate orders and small order charges may apply.
In this instance, regardless of whether separate purchase orders are received, Holzbau Industries will treat the order as separate job lots and any relevant charges will apply.

Where possible when placing orders, please provide details of the party collecting the finished order.
For accurate dispatch, please ensure the representative or any third party collecting the order can provide adequate details that clearly identify the order for collection.
Orders will not be released if these conditions cannot be met.

Whilst every effort will be made by Holzbau to ensure that spare boards are handed over on collection of the order itself, it is ultimately the client’s own responsibility to ensure they have any remaining boards prior to leaving.

Due to limited storage capacity, we cannot hold leftover stock for clients and remaining boards will be disposed of.

From time-to-time boards may become damaged during the trial of a new product or during the manufacturing process itself. At other times, subject to the depth of the board, additional boards may be required to run nosings successfully. As there are multiple reasons why boards may be used or damaged, Holzbau Industries will not be responsible for damage or use of additional boards during manufacturing process for any reason what-so-ever.

Orders of 10 or less nosings from any one source product (this does not include multiple decors of the same product) will attract a small order charge.

In the event a job or purchase order needs to be broken up into multiple parts, this will be treated as separate jobs and may incur a small order fee accordingly.

By submitting an order or the handing over of product for manufacture by the customer, it will be considered that these Terms have been accepted and these Terms will over-ride any Terms of the customer whether written or implied.

Any variations to these Terms of Trade must be amended in writing and signed by both parties, that being Holzbau Industries and the customer.

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A note to
private or non-commercial shoppers

Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer a retail or factory direct service for private customers.

If you are interested in our product for your home or business, please refer your flooring professional to us and we will be more than happy to assist them.

Thank you for your understanding and wishing you all the very best with your project – Team Holzbau. 

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