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Because our stair nosings are so unique and have never been manufactured like this before, naturally we get asked a lot of questions!

Some of the more common questions we get asked are below. We trust you’ll find the answer you are looking for.

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Stairs and Nosings

For the most part a ‘big yes’, as the structural staircase is already in place. The plank floor treads and nosings simply provide a durable decorative finish to most existing staircases.

Generally speaking, our stairs are as durable as the product they are made from with the tread surfaces possessing the same abrasion and scratch resistance as the floor itself.

Whilst engineered timber and laminate stair nosings are relatively robust, consideration should be given to Holzbau’s Arrowhead ® profile for added durability to laminate and engineered timber stairs.

Our nosings have a very similar profile to a solid timber, square edge tread and will look as authentically like timber as the provided flooring product itself.

Traditional nosings are generally made from solid timber whilst our custom stair nosings can be manufactured from most plank flooring products provided to us. This ensures the perfect match for your floor, every time.

This is an excellent alternative given that you can match your chosen flooring décor with a flawless transition from one step to the next without the need for metal trims or plastic trims.

This also eliminates the risk of trip hazards that can be caused by overlayed metal trims, especially if they become damaged and raised.

Our stair nosings create a system that looks very similar to a solid tread.

The original board length of the provided flooring determines the length of our nosings, as they are manufactured by us using the full length of the board.

Boards should not be cut in length prior to delivery. Removing the lock of the source flooring product can impact our ability to feed the boards through our machinery accurately, and may result in inconsistencies across a single order.

It is recommended that stair nosings are cut on site during installation to achieve the most accurate fit.

The original width of the board will generally determine the width of the custom stair nosing; however, in some instances where the original board is particularly wide, the boards may need to be cut in width to facilitate processing.

To fulfil the entire stair nosing and tread requirement, an additional board will be needed to complete the depth of the tread along with the Holzbau nosing.

In the case of very narrow floor boards, a second additional extra board may be required to satisfy the entire depth of the tread.

Most nosings require one board for the manufacture of stair nosings but this is subject to the dimensional properties of both the board, and the stair itself.

Subject to both the board and the stair, generally you will require one piece of flooring plus one of our nosings to cover a standard step tread.

You absolutely can! We can convert most plank flooring products into our custom stair nosings including hybrid flooring, laminate flooring, LVT (or Vinyl plank flooring) and engineered flooring.

As long as the dimensions of the product conform to our manufacturing technology then we can easily manufacture ‘stone look’ plank flooring into custom stair nosings.

As Holzbau nosings are open-ended, they are best suited to closed staircase applications.


Our patented Arrowhead® profile was designed to give a protective edge to the leading edge of laminate and engineered nosings. Unlike most aluminium stair trims, Arrowhead® trims are inserted into a profiled groove, giving optimal corner protection whilst maintaining a minimalist look.


Our stair nosings are no more difficult to install than the flooring itself, as the original lock system of the original flooring product is maintained during manufacture of our nosings.

No, even if the floor is floated, the nosings and treads should be directly stuck to the substrate with a product compatible adhesive ensuring that the stair tread and nosing remain firmly in place for safety.

Yes, with our system nearly all quality floating floors can be installed on stairs and landings, however, please note they must not be installed with a floating floor application and will require a suitable adhesive.

No, all the step treads and risers will have to be bonded with a suitable commercially available compatible flooring adhesive.


Yes, we are fiercely proud that we manufacture in Australia only, with our facilities being based in South East Queensland.

Holzbau nosings can be ordered through flooring retailers. If your flooring specialist does not know about our services, please provide them with our details and we will be happy to chat with them and guide them through our ordering process.

No, we don’t. Whilst we fully appreciate there are some incredibly talented DIYers out there, we believe that like many flooring products, the best outcome will be achieved by a specialist flooring professional.

If your flooring specialist does not know about our services, please provide them with our details and we will be happy to chat with them and guide them through our ordering process.

Yes, we manufacture for customers Australia wide. Whilst our terms are completely ex-works, we are always happy to help with each order’s specific freight requirements including packing accordingly, as well as any freight documentation and labels as required.

These terms and our operating model allow us to truly focus on our manufacturing processes and high quality outcomes whilst continually offering excellent service to our B2B customers.

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A note to
private or non-commercial shoppers

Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer a retail or factory direct service for private customers.

If you are interested in our product for your home or business, please refer your flooring professional to us and we will be more than happy to assist them.

Thank you for your understanding and wishing you all the very best with your project – Team Holzbau. 

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