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Installation of
Holzbau Stairnosing

Installation of Holzbau Stair Nosing

Whilst our stair nosings are no more difficult to install than the flooring itself, Holzbau recommends that our stair nosings and treads are installed by professional flooring installation specialists.

As the lock system of the original flooring product is maintained during the manufacture of our nosings, the stair nosing and an additional floorboard simply click together to create the entire matching stair tread and nosing solution.

Any pre-adhered underlay on the original floor product should be removed from any boards that are to be used for the stair tread. Any pre-ahered underlay from the nosings component will have already been removed by Holzbau during the manufacturing process.

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Installing Treads and Risers On Stairs

All components of the tread and nosing should be bonded to the substrate (structural stair) with an adhesive compatible for use with the original flooring product. This includes the riser component of the stair, even though this is not manufactured by Holzbau.

No stair overlay system should be installed in a floating application, even if the other plank flooring has been laid in this way. Adhering the nosing and the tread to the substrate will ensure that the overlay system created stays firmly in place.

Note:  We recommend that all products are checked by the customer prior to manufacture to ensure they meet the appropriate rating as specified in the Australian Building code specific to the intended application.

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Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer a retail or factory direct service for private customers.

If you are interested in our product for your home or business, please refer your flooring professional to us and we will be more than happy to assist them.

Thank you for your understanding and wishing you all the very best with your project – Team Holzbau.