Looking for stair nosing ideas?

How can stair nosing ideas upgrade your space?

In modern interior spaces, stair nosing isn’t just about meeting safety standards and requirements. It’s also about looking great and finishing a staircase that seamlessly aligns with your existing flooring, allowing for a harmonious blend between stairs and floors as well as across the different levels of a property. 

When it’s all about looking great and creating a fluent, cohesive look in an interior space, matching stairs to the flooring will make a world of difference. It takes the design of the home to a new level by maintaining consistency in colour, pattern and texture throughout the space, eliminating any disruptive or incongruent elements.

Why Holzbau for stair nosing ideas?

If your flooring project involves a set of stairs, Holzbau’s stair nosings provide a solution that means you’re not limited to generic, potentially mismatched options or bound to certain flooring brands that have their own nosing products. We are industry leaders in stair nosing innovation and can create stair nosing to perfectly match any brand or style of plank flooring, be it hybrid, laminate, vinyl, or engineered floors.

With our unique technology, we provide a complete stair solution as our nosings along with an additional plank, create the entire stair nose and tread component of a stair from the same products used on the floor.  This eliminates  the need for any additional trims or finishes. As well as that, our solutions require little more effort in installation than the floor itself, making it a relatively seamless, hassle-free experience for the installer.

Our dedication to quality, high-finished nosings, converted from any type and brand of plank flooring product,  provides a truly unparalleled flooring solution, ensuring that the interior space with stairs is cohesive and harmonious.

Stair nosing ideas to help improve your space

Square Edge Laminate Stair Nosing

1. Choose a stair nosing type to shape your space

Choosing the right stair nosing starts with choosing the type that will fit the needs of your space and help shape the decor you’re aiming to create. For example, you might want to create a modern feel or a timeless traditional look. Comparatively, you might want to create something more unusual or a little more outside of the box. 

There are four main types of stair nosing use for stairs, including:

  • Flush face
  • Square stair nosing
  • Rounded (half-round and full-round)
  • Pencil-round 

Each stair nosing type has its own benefits, but the main difference is in the appearance and availability of each. 

Square-edged stair nosing are the most commonly used as they fit a wider variety of materials, and appearances, and are often easier to install and work well with modern, timeless and traditional decors.

Flush-faced nosings give a very clean and modern architectural finish, but are usually limited to products that are relatively dense and that are fairly rigid with limited flexibility such as engineered or laminate flooring products. 

In comparison, rounded stair nosing types are far less common. They typically can’t be made from most of the readily available residential plank flooring products. and therefore can be harder and more expensive to use in homes.

Whilst some flooring ranges do come with their own matched stair nosings, these products are limited for use only in conjunction with their one range of flooring and therefore limit the customer’s scope of choice when making their floor selection. 

Holzbau can manufacture square edge nosings for all flooring types and a flushed-faced finish for both laminate and engineered flooring products. Whilst there are some limitations to the manner in which products can be converted, Holzbau’s focus is to manufacture the products that we do to the highest of standards, using our own proprietary technology and processes. 

product matched stair nosing ready to be installed

2. Choose a stair nosing material to match your aesthetic

Holzbau manufacturing means that customers can choose from most plank flooring products without having to compromise on choice simply due to the lack of a compatible stair solution.  With plank flooring options coming in a wider variety of materials than ever before inlcuding hybrid, engineered timber, LVT, and laminate, customers have the opportunity to choose a product they love with endless possibilities when it comes to colour, texture and style. 

A perfect match between the stair nosing and the flooring regardless of the product type, style or finish, ensures a harmonious and seamless look and feel throughout the space regardless of the design style and aesthetic wanting to be achieved. 

Try product-matched stair nosing

Holzbau specialises in transforming existing plank flooring into customised stair nosing solutions that are identical in material, colour, and texture to the existing flooring. This ensures absolute coherence and seamless integration within the space, eliminating any mismatches in appearance and feel.

This innovative approach allows homeowners and decorators to achieve a perfectly harmonious and cohesive aesthetic throughout the space, with stair nosings that are not just similar but an exact match to the existing flooring.

Arrowhead Image3

3. Finish your stair nosing with a luxurious touch

Creating a luxurious feel for your space isn’t just about the obvious elements; it’s also about focusing on the finer details. These details whilst often seeming insignificant and inconsequential can have a huge impact on the overall quality and finish of a project.  This includes stair trims, and whilst often an after-thought when it comes to flooring, the choice of nosing can easily make or break a project. 

What are trims?

Trims refer to finishing elements used in construction and interior design to cover, accentuate, or transition between surfaces or areas. They’re typically applied to areas like baseboards, door and window frames and of course stairs. 

Trims are typically used for the protection of edges against wear and tear, enhancing durability, and providing a cohesive and finished look. They can add a luxurious feel to homes by contributing to a refined and detailed appearance, complementing the overall aesthetic and providing a visually pleasing contrast or complement to the surrounding materials and décor.

Arrowhead® Aluminium Profile

Holzbau’s patented Arrowhead® aluminium profile is specifically designed to provide a robust leading edge to stair nosing in engineered and laminate flooring applications.

However, Holzbau’s Arrowhead® design is not just about durability, it’s about creating that premium, minimalistic finish that complements the overall luxurious feel. Arrowhead® profiles are inserted into a precision cut groove, allowing for a smooth, unobtrusive edge, perfect for maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

The Arrowhead® profile is available in four different anodised finishes, ensuring adaptability to any timber décor and matching a multitude of interior styles.

For more stair nosing ideas or to get started

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Put your stair nosing ideas to use

Holzbau specialises in making stair nosings from most plank flooring products readily available in Australia.  

As manufacturers, Holzbau supply flooring industry professionals only. If you are a flooring distributor, retail showroom, floor installer or other industry professional, please reach out to Holzbau where we can discuss how we can work together.  If you are an end user and are interested in stair nosings manufactured by Holzbau please speak to your flooring professional – if they don’t know who we are, we warmly to get in touch.