Considering choosing laminate flooring and stair nosing in your home?

Laminate flooring and laminate stair nosing have steadily grown in popularity over recent years – and for good reason. It is a cost-effective, versatile, and stylish flooring choice for both residential and commercial settings. The combination of its durability, variety of designs, and ease of maintenance make it an attractive option for homeowners and businesses alike.

Dark brown laminate flooring

Can laminate flooring be used on stairs?

Laminate flooring is not just for flat surfaces as it can also be used effectively on stairs. Doing so offers a smooth and uniform look, creating a harmonious flow from one level to another in your home or commercial space.

Using laminate flooring on stairs brings a host of other benefits too. 

  • It provides a durable surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for busy households and commercial spaces. 
  • It’s also a cost-effective choice, offering the allure of hardwood aesthetics without the hefty price tag.
  • It’s resilient to common occurrences like scratches, dents, and stains.

This makes it a perfect option for high-traffic areas like stairs, ensuring your investment stands the test of time while maintaining its elegant appeal. Combined with laminate stair nosing, your stairs will share these benefits too.

What is laminate stair nosing?

Laminate stair nosing is a specific type of stair nosing designed to match laminate flooring. It’s essentially a corner edging piece that is fitted to the front edge of each step, this is known as the leading edge of the stair. 

The benefit of using Holzbau manufactured stair nosing is that it allows you to use the same material as the flooring throughout your house on your stairs.   If you had laminate flooring on two levels, you can seamlessly transition between the two using laminate flooring on your stairs with laminate stair nosing. 

This is particularly important when the flooring and stairs are made of the same material to ensure a perfect match and cohesive interior finish.

How does Holzbau laminate stair nosing work?

Previously, the most common stair nosing option for laminate flooring on stairs was generic metal trims, covering adjoining pieces of laminate flooring to create the leading edge of the stair. While functional, the stair nosing would stand out and may be thought of as unappealing. 

Innovatingly, Holzbau Industries has developed a unique laminate stair nosing solution that utilises the existing tongue and groove profile of your original flooring product. The end result is a non-structural overlay for your existing stairs that simply locks together with an additional floorboard. 

This laminate stair nosing is designed to provide the look and feel of traditional solid timber stair treads. The end result is a stunning set of stairs that not only matches your floor perfectly but also provides a high-end, quality finish that will enhance the overall appeal of your space.

And as a final benefit, the laminate stair nosing installation process requires little more effort than installing laminate flooring on the stairs itself, streamlining the whole process.

Picture showing how laminate stair nosing works

Arrowhead® Aluminium Nosing Insert

In addition to the unique tongue and groove profile, Holzbau Industries has gone a step further to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your staircase with the innovative Arrowhead® aluminium nosing insert.

The Arrowhead® aluminium nosing insert is a design-registered feature that is fitted into the leading edge of the stair nosing. It adds an extra layer of durability to the laminate stair nosing, protecting the corner from potential damage caused by heavy footfall or accidental knocks.

In terms of aesthetics, the Arrowhead® aluminium nosing insert brings a high-end designer finish to your staircase. It comes in four matte finishes: plain anodised silver, black, champagne and gold. This provides an opportunity to further customise your staircase, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior decor.

Arrowhead® aluminium stair nosing insert

Advantages of laminate stair nosing

Like with hybrid flooring on stairs and hybrid stair nosing, laminate stair nosing carries a host of benefits that make it a fantastic choice for your home or commercial space. Its durability ensures it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, maintaining its aesthetic appeal for many years.


Aesthetically, laminate stair nosing adds a refined touch to your staircase, creating a seamless transition from your flooring to your stairs. This continuity in design contributes significantly to the overall elegance and sophistication of your interior.


While laminate stair nosings are a non-structural decorative overlay, when installed by a flooring professional adhering to the stair nosing requirements in Australia, the combination of Arrowhead® and laminate stair nosing can help improve the safety of stairs in your home or commercial space.


Holzbau Industries’ laminate stair nosing offers additional advantages with the inclusion of the Arrowhead® aluminium nosing insert. This innovative design addition provides superior corner protection, adding to the durability of the nosing while offering a high-end designer finish.

Care and maintenance for laminate flooring on stairs and laminate stair nosing

Caring for your laminate stair nosing doesn’t have to be a complicated task. In fact, one of the many benefits of choosing laminate flooring on stairs is its easy maintenance. With a few simple practices, you can keep your stair nosing looking as good as new.

Laminate flooring on staircase with laminate stair nosing

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is crucial to maintain the appearance and longevity of your laminate stair nosing. Typically, this will include regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust and debris. This will help prevent the accumulation of dirt that can scratch the surface over time.

Spot cleaning

For any spills or stains, spot cleaning will be your go-to method. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe away the spill as soon as possible. Avoid using excessive water or harsh cleaning agents as they can damage the laminate surface.

Protection from scratches and ensuring long-Life

While laminate is a durable material, it’s essential to take measures to protect it from scratches and other potential damage. Consider using felt pads under furniture legs that come into contact with the laminate surface. In high-traffic areas, use doormats to trap grit that could potentially scratch the surface.

Lastly, remember that maintaining the longevity of your laminate stair nosing is not just about cleaning and protection. It’s also about addressing any issues promptly. If you notice any damage, contact a professional for advice or repair.

Considering laminate flooring and stair nosing for your space?

Laminate flooring is a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe choice for stairs in any home or commercial space. Combined with laminate stair nosing, you can create a seamless transition between levels in your home by matching your floor to your stairs.

If you’re considering laminate flooring, Holzbau Industries offers a unique laminate stair nosing solution that not only ensures a perfect match but also provides the look and feel of traditional solid timber stair treads. With the added benefit of the Arrowhead® aluminium nosing insert, you’ll have a high-end designer finish and superior corner protection.

If you are a flooring industry specialist and would like to find out about working with us for your laminate stair nosing requirements please reach out and contact us. Or, if you’re looking to use laminate flooring on your stairs with product-matched laminate stair nosing, find a supplier who we work with or encourage your local flooring specialist to contact us.