Considering choosing hybrid in your home?

Choosing the right flooring material for your home and stairs is an important decision that can impact both the liveability and value of your house. A flooring option quickly growing in popularity is hybrid plank flooring which when paired with a product-matched hybrid stair nosing can provide a complete solution for any flooring project.

Hybrid flooring has experienced a rapid rise in popularity due to it being an innovative, cost-effective and hard-wearing flooring solution that provides the visual appeal and warmth of other natural flooring products. In short, hybrid flooring is a perfect choice for busy households by balancing both aesthetics and durability, making it a value-for-money investment. 

Hybrid Flooring On Stairs

Can hybrid flooring be used on stairs?

Hybrid flooring can be used on stairs providing a stylish and durable option. 

Due to its unique composition, hybrid flooring is very well-suited for high-traffic areas like stairs, where durability and resistance to wear are essential. 

Hybrid flooring is a multilayered product consisting of a rigid core, usually constructed from a wood plastic composite (WPC) or stone plastic composite (SPC), a decorative layer of varying design choices that usually mimic natural finishes such as wood and sometimes even stone,  a top wear layer that protects against scratches, stains, and against the wear and tear of everyday foot traffic ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing surface as well as a pre-adhered underlay. 

When combined with hybrid stair nosing, hybrid flooring on stairs offers a cohesive and seamless finish that can enhance the overall look and feel of any interior space. 

What is hybrid stair nosing?

Hybrid stair nosings are a purpose-built edging profile that when installed with an additional hybrid floor plank to complete the tread surface, provide a flawless high-end finish for stairs, that closely resemble traditional solid stair treads.

Holzbau hybrid nosings were designed specifically to create harmony with the aesthetic and performance qualities of hybrid flooring, resulting in a unified and sleek solution for staircases.  

This cutting-edge stair nosing solution stands out from conventional stair nosing options by making compatible stair nosings from most hybrid flooring products leaving customers free to choose from the vast range of quality hybrid floor design options available, without being limited by unsatisfactory stair product choices. 

How does Holzbau hybrid stair nosing work?

Previously, the most common stair-nosing solution for hybrid flooring on a staircase was to use generic metal trims which when applied, covered the adjoining pieces of hybrid flooring to create the leading edge of the stair, or else use a completely different product altogether such as hardwood. 

With Holzbau-designed hybrid stair nosings being manufactured from the actual hybrid flooring products themselves, you can match any hybrid flooring range with perfectly identical stairs, eliminating the need for aluminium or generic stair nose trims that may not correctly match your flooring or other mismatched or expensive choices.

How Hybrid Stair Nosing Works

Advantages of hybrid stair nosing

Improving safety:

While hybrid stair nosing is a non-structural decorative overlay, by eliminating the need for generic metal trims that create a raised edge and that over time can become loose creating a trip hazard. The use of Holzbau nosings when installed correctly and by a professional flooring expert that follows the stair nosing requirements in Australia, can in fact improve the safety aspect of a staircase. 

Visual harmony:

Holzbau-manufactured hybrid stair nosing is engineered to integrate seamlessly with the original hybrid flooring product, producing a cohesive and visually appealing staircase. Now that through Holzbau’s proprietary manufacturing processes we can convert most quality hybrid plank flooring products into matched stair nosings means the vast assortment of styles and colours of hybrid flooring product available in today’s market makes it easy to find the perfect match for any interior style or décor. 

As mentioned, this is particularly true with Holzbau Industries’ product-matched stair nosing as hybrid flooring can be converted into stair nosing so they perfectly match.

Additional support:

Hybrid stair nosing offers supplementary reinforcement to the front edge of stair treads, guarding against damage from regular use and extending the life of your staircase.

Efficient installation:

In contrast to traditional stair nosing, the installation of hybrid stair nosing is designed for a streamlined installation process, making it a convenient and time-saving option.

Long-lasting performance:

The sturdy construction of hybrid stair nosing enables it to endure heavy foot traffic and daily wear. With ongoing maintenance and care, hybrid stair nosing can preserve its functionality for years to come.

Hybrid flooring on stairs

Care and maintenance for hybrid flooring and hybrid stair nosing

Regular cleaning

With hybrid stairs it is important to follow the original care instructions provided with the source flooring product, being the product that the nosings are manufactured from.  As a general rule of thumb, however, hybrid stair nosings as well as the tread should be kept free from dirt and debris by sweeping, vacuuming or dust mopping regularly. Avoid excessive moisture, especially around joins and avoid using abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals that could damage the flooring or stair nosing surface.

Spot cleaning

For spills and stains, promptly wipe them up using a soft, damp cloth. If necessary, use a gentle cleaning solution specifically designed for hybrid flooring.

Protection from scratches

Hybrid flooring can be prone to scratches or dents from actions like moving or dragging furniture. Similar actions can be a risk to hybrid stair nosing. 

If possible, homeowners with hybrid stair nosing should avoid dragging or moving heavy objects along them.

Considering hybrid stair nosing in your space?

Hybrid flooring and hybrid stair nosing offer numerous benefits for property owners seeking a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe solution for floors and stairs. 

Holzbau Industries is at the forefront of product-matched stair nosing innovation, manufacturing hybrid stair nosings from most quality plank flooring products available in the Australian market, providing an extensive choice for customers and unparalleled results for a seamless interior finish. 

Holzbau Industries’ hybrid stair nosing ensures that Australian homes can achieve product-matched finishes and a truly satisfying result. Our cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and techniques have enabled us to produce budget-friendly, resilient hybrid floor stair nosings with the same visual and textural characteristics as the original source product and therefore create endless choices of finishes to suit all styles and décors.

By using Holzbau Industries to manufacture your hybrid stair nosing, you will be assured of a perfect colour and texture match to your hybrid flooring product, with the end result being a set of stairs that exhibit the look and feel of traditional solid timber stair treads. This provides fabulous opportunities for flooring specialists, as it is now easier than ever to provide a complete end-to-end flooring-matched stair solution for your customers.

If you are a flooring industry specialist and would like to find out about working with us for your hybrid stair nosing requirements please reach out and contact us.